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Some days ago I was searching for a solution for a user’s query “How to Open a .PST file without Outlook?”. After trying different methods, I have found the best strategy for opening PST files. So, I am going to show the best method to directly open PST files without Outlook requirements. 

MS Outlook is one of the best email clients that users use for emailing. Both individuals, as well as corporations/businesses, use this application for managing their email accounts. 

PST files are the file types that Outlook uses to store users’ profile data locally on their computers. This PST file type works as the backup file that holds all user’s profile data including- emails, contacts, calendars, and other items.

Reason Why do users need to Open .PST file without Outlook?

There are multiple scenarios in which users need to open .PST file without Outlook, such as.  

  1. Might be users want to share PST files to other computers. 
  2. A user needs to view their old PST file without installing Outlook.
  3. Might be a possibility if a user does not have a subscription to Outlook and he does not want to renew it. 

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How to Open .PST file without Outlook?

View or open a PST file without Outlook directly through an automated tool called eSoftTools PST Viewer tool. It is the best program that will enable users to open PST files and preview all Outlook. mailbox items from PST files. It also offers different smart functions to simply open all corrupt/inaccessible or encrypted PST files.

Features of the PST Viewer tool

  1. Read all Outlook items from the PST file in their original form.
  2. Get a preview of each Outlook mailbox item in a distinct window.
  3. Open PST file without Outlook installation or opening requirement.
  4. Access data from corrupt/inaccessible as well as encrypted PST files.
  5. Open and access data from single as well as multiple PST at one time. 
  6. With restrictions on file size, open all sized PST files. 

Working on this software. 

  1. Download, install and open eSoftTools PST Viewer software.
  1. Press the Select PST button and choose single or bulk file conversion mode. 
  1. Add PST files into the software and press Start Scanning button.
  1. Scan PST files, load all all PST file’s inner folder and items. 
  1. Now, get a preview of each Outlook item from PST files easily. 


Through this blog post, we have suggested to you the eSoftTools PST Viewer tool. It is the best solution to directly open PST files without Outlook. Now take the help of this software and access Outlook profile data from PST files easily.