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Solution to Access Emails from Thunderbird Profile Directly

Best and advanced techniques to directly open/ view emails from Thunderbird profile mail files. Load all mail files from Thunderbird profile storage location in a single click. Get emails preview from Thunderbird MSF, MBOX, EML, and other mail files. View emails with attachments and other information like- To, BCC, CC, Subject, Size, Message Body, etc.

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Thunderbird Viewer thunderbird viewer free Tool
View Thunderbird Email

Note: Open/ Access Thunderbird Profile Emails.

Free Thunderbird Viewer Software - Prominent Features

Free Thunderbird Viewer




  • Get preview of Thunderbird profile emails without dependency of Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • View emails with attachments from Thunderbird EML, MBOX, MSF, and mail file without extension.
  • Read Thunderbird mail files from MOZMSGS, WDSEML, SBD, Maildir, and other folders easily.
  • Load Thunderbird mailbox files manually as well as automatically with three different options.
  • Automatically detects and load all Thunderbird profile mail folders or files with in a single click.
  • Smartly Open and view thunderbird emails individually with complete details on separate window.
  • Opens all sized Thunderbird mail file to provides preview of emails without any restrictions.
  • View emails with all details including- Email attachments, date, size, message, from, subject, etc.
  • Shows all Thunderbird profile emails in their original format without any modifications.
  • Comes with clear graphical interface and accessible by all type of users without prior knowledge.
  • Comfortably works on previous to newer edition of Windows O/S- 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
Thunderbird Viewer Software
Email Preview

Smart Way to Read Thunderbird Mail Files

  • Proficiently open Thunderbird Mail files from windows-based computer. Without requirements or availability of Mozilla Thunderbird application see emails from all Thunderbird mail files. Easily view unlimited emails from single or multiple Thunderbird Mail files.
  • WDSEML, EML, MBOX, MSF, Thunderbird mail file without extension all files easily access using this single software.
  • Easily add files from MOZMSGS, SBD, Mailidr Cur folder in a single click. From all files, get email preview in original form.
open all thunderbird mail files

Open Any Thunderbird Mail Files

Easily add and access all Thunderbird compatible Email files like- EML, MBOX, MSF, WDSEML, mail files without extension, etc. This software extracts all files for users and show emails with attachments and other information.

load files from thunderbird mail folder

Load All Thunderbird Mail Folders

Mail files from all Thunderbird mail folders user can easily load into the software. The software supports to load Mail folders including- MOZMSGS, SBD, Maildir Cur folder and other folder. Users can load Thunderbird mail folder both manually and automatically.

auto-load thunderbird mail files

Auto-Load Thunderbird Mail Files

Use Auto-Load Thunderbird profile option & automatically Load all Thunderbird profile mail folders in a single click. With Auto-load function, the software detects and load thunderbird profile default storage location. After getting the mail folder location its loads import all mail files and folders including- MOZMSGS, SBD, Maildir Cur folder and others from user’s local drive.

add thunderbird mail files manually

Add Thunderbird File/ Folder Manually

Into the software users can manually add Thunderbird mail files or folder, using different options: -

  • Select File : - Manually Select and Add Thunderbird Mail files from drive.
  • Select Folder : - Add a folder containing multiple mail files in a single process.
  • Auto-load TB Profile : - In a single click, load all Thunderbird profile mail folder and files.

view thunderbird emails with attachment

View TB E-mails with Attachment

Get preview of emails from Thunderbird mail files with their linked attachments. Inside the software add and load all Thunderbird profile emails and easily view Emails with their associated attachments- PPT, pdf, zip achieve, etc.

thunderbird email preview in original form

View Email in their Original Form

Open all Thunderbird mail files without getting any kind of modifications. View each Thunderbird profile email in their original format with complete information like- To, BCC, CC, Size, Subject, Attachments, Message Body, images, hyperlinks, etc.

view thunderbird emails on separate screen

Open Thunderbird Emails Separately

From mail files of thunderbird view message on right side panel as well as on separate screen. In one click load email in the right-side panel of software and by double clicking on each Thunderbird email get its preview with all details on separate window.

open any sized Thunderbird mail files

Open Any Size Thunderbird Mail Files

Inside the Thunderbird email viewer tool user can add and load Thunder mail files of any size. The software smoothly loads mail files and extract them for providing clear email preview without any size restrictions problems.

no thunderbird application requirement

No Need of Any Additional Application

For opening Thunderbird mail files and providing preview of emails the software doesn't requires any additional application. Even if the user doesn't have Mozilla Thunderbird, they can easily access their Thunderbird Profile Emails inside this software.

clean graphical interface

Smooth and Attractive GUI

Inside Thunderbird Viewer tool, users get a clear graphical interface that users can access with ease. All type of users can easily operate this tool without using any special technical skills requirement because of its smart graphical interface.

Work on all Windows O/S Editions

Thunderbird View is designed and offered for windows-based machines. Users can run Thunderbird Viewer tool access and read Thunderbird Emails on all older to newer edition of Windows O/S including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and below edition.

Screenshot of Software

Thunderbird Email Viewer Tool first Screen
Free Thunderbird Viewer Tool
First Screen of Thunderbird Viewer Software
Select Thunderbird file or folder
Select Thunderbird file/Folder
Add Thunderbird Mail files into the software
View all emails from thunderbird files
Open Thunderbird Mail files
View emails from Thunderbird Mail files/folders

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Download and Launch Thunderbird Email Viewer Software.
  • Press the Add File/ Folder button from the software's menu bar.
  • Choose a file selection mode from options -
    • Select MBOX file: - Select and Add Thunderbird Mail file manually.
    • Select MBOX Folder: - Select folders containing TB mail files and add in bulk.
    • Auto-Load Thunderbird profile: - Detect and add all Thunderbird Mail files in on click.
  • Select and Add Thunderbird mail files/ folders from your local drive.
  • Load all Thunderbird mail folders/ sub-folders and extract all mail items.
  • Click on Thunderbird Email and preview email with complete info.
  • Note: - (Double click on each Email and get its preview of separate screen easily.)

Check complete process, visiting Here: - How to Open/ View Thunderbird Mail files?

Thunderbird Email Viewer Freeware

Inside the software user can, view all Thunderbird based email files with ease. Thunderbird MSF, MBOX, EML, Mail files without extension, and many more file types user can easily open through this advanced tool.

With ease this software open thunderbird mail files Thunderbird SBD, MOZMSGS, WDSEML, Maildir, and other directories.

Yes, inside the software user can easily view Thunderbird emails with their linked attachments. The software provides preview of emails with all attachment’s information.

Yes, Thunderbird Viewer users can manually add Thunderbird mail files as well as they can use auto- load function. Auto-load Thunderbird profile option, enable users to load all Thunderbird profile mail folder in a single click.

Using this software users can access emails of Thunderbird mail files individually. By double clicking on emails, software generates a new screen with particular email and their complete information.

Yes, this tool to open Thunderbird Emails supports all smaller to larger sized mail files. Easily a user can open 100Gb sizes thunderbird mail files without getting any problem.

Yes, this tool shows Thunderbird emails with their header information (like- To, BCC, CC, Size, Subject, Date, From, etc.).

Without any kind of modifications, this tool show emails in their original form through thunderbird mail files.

Without Mozilla Thunderbird or any other application, this tool can open Thunderbird mail files.

Both novice and technical users can use this tool to open Thunderbird Mail files without any prior knowledge. It provides easy and clear graphical interface and accessible without any difficulty by all users.

On all older to newer edition of Windows O/S users can execute this tool. (Including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and below edition.)

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