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Reliably Open & View MBOX e-mails in windows computers.

Smart solution to Open MBOX file emails on windows directly. Without any email client dependency, get preview of emails from MBOX files of Opera Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Google Takeout & more. View MBOX emails with all details including- email header, message body, attachments, hyperlink, images. etc.

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* Read MBOX Emails & convert MBOX into 15+ formats, with pro edition.

Best Windows MBOX Viewer Software
MBOX File Prview

Note: Emails from MBOX files on windows-based computer.

MBOX File Viewer Software – Top Qualities

Free MBOX Viewer software




  • Get smart preview emails with all details and attachments from MBOX files.
  • Add MBOX files with different options: - “Select MBOX File”, “Select MBOX folder”
  • Provides option to auto-load Thunderbird Profile mail folders for previewing emails
  • Supports to open MBOX files of all types (.mbox, .mbx, .mbs, .msf, mbox file with no extension)
  • Open emails of MBOX file in separate window by double-clicking on MBOX file emails.
  • Able to open MBOX files of any size to without showing any size restriction problem.
  • Shows emails with all details (To, from, date, cc, bcc, subject, message body, attachment, etc)
  • Windows MBOX viewer open emails without any modifications and shows email with their original format.
  • Able to open MBOX files of all supported apps (like- Thunderbird, Google Takeout, Opera Mail, etc)
  • Doesn’t require any additional application or email client for opening MBOX file’s emails
  • Provides clean and easily operable graphical user interface to view MBOX emails with ease
  • Designed to work in all edition of Windows O/S – Win11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and etc.
Windows MBOX Viewer Software
Email Preview

Specialized Solution to Open MBOX Emails

  • On a windows-based computer smartly open MBOX files without any email client dependency. Read emails from MBOX/ MBS/ MBX & MSF files into this single application. Add single or multiple MBOX files and view all emails one by one easily.
  • Shows MBOX file’s emails inside preview panel as well as separate window with all email details. Provides MBOX Emails preview with- email header, message body, attachments, hyperlink, images, etc.

Load MBOX files with different options

Inside the software, Import MBOX files with different options to easily access emails: -

  • Select MBOX File: - Manually select and add single MBOX file into the software.
  • Select MBOX folder: - Choose folder having multiple sub-folders and MBOX files.
  • Auto-Load Thunderbird Profile: - Load Thunderbird mail folders with MBOX/MSF file automatically.

mbox emails in separate window preview

Open MBOX Email in separate window

Get preview of each MBOX file emails on individual screen. With the software load MBOX files and double click on the email to get email preview of separate window. On new window MBOX Viewer will show all detail of emails (Including- message header (to, bcc, cc, subject, from), message body, attachments details etc.

view all mbox emails with attachments

View MBOX emails with attachments

From MBOX files, view each email with all their linked attachment. Get preview of emails with their attachments inside the software’s preview panel as well as separate window. Get preview of emails with attachments like- zip archive, ppt, images, spreadsheets, documents, etc.

open mbox file of any size

Open/View MBOX file of all sizes

With facing any kind of size limitation problem easily open large size MBOX files. In addition, users can add multiple MBOX file of large size into the software. In one time the software loads all sized multiple MBOX files provide accurate preview of email items.

view emails in their original form

MBOX Email Preview in Original Form

Inside the software, get preview of emails from MBOX file with no modification. Access MBOX file with emails and their attachments in original format. Without a single bit of changes in structure of MBOX file and its inner elements software shows emails with all details.

open all mbox file types

Open & View All Types of MBOX

Windows MBOX viewer tool has the ability to safely open all types MBOX files. MBOX files with extensions (like- .mbox, .mbx, .msf, .mbs,) user can access with the single software. Easily user can open MBOX files that are created by Opera Mail, Thunderbird, Google Takeout and other applications without any problem.

no any other application requirement

No Dependency of Email Clients

With Windows MBOX viewer tool, user can easily open and read mails of MBOX file without requirement of any additional application. Easily the software extract and shows emails of MBOX file with created by any supported apps.

smart graphical interface

Smart & Clear Graphical interface

For easy access and getting emails preview from MBOX files to non-technical user’s software provides a clear graphical interface. Both technical and non-technical users can safely execute and operate on their machine without any trouble.

Layer 1

Works on all Windows O/S Editions

Windows MBOX Viewer is made to open MBOX file & providing preview of emails on windows-based machines. On all edition of Windows O/s (including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and other editions) users can safely run this software and access their MBOX files.

Screenshot of Software

MBOX Viewer Tool first Screen
Free MBOX Viewer Tool
First Screen of MBOX Viewer Software
Select MBOX file or folder
Select MBOX file/Folder
Add MBOX files into the software
Preview emails from MBOX files
Open MBOX files
Preview MBOX emails

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Download and install MBOX Viewer software on your computer.
  • Launch the software & press "Add File/Folder” button from menu bar.
  • Choose option Select MBOX File, Select MBOX Folder, or Auto-Load Thunderbird Profile.
  • Load all MBOX file into the software by your selected file selection option.
  • Extract all mail folders and items from selected MBOX file into the software.
  • Click on each EMLX file to get preview of each email from MBOX file.
  • Note:- (Double click on each email to get preview on separate window.)

Check complete process, visiting Here: - How to Open/ View Apple Mail EMLX files?

MBOX Viewer Freeware

Yes, easily user can load and open single or several MBOX files at a particular time. The software provides option to select a folder with multiple MBOX files at once.

This option enables users to automatically load all Thunderbird mail folders/ files from their default storage location. Users can load & open all Thunderbird compatible files including- MSF, MBOX, EML files without any extra efforts.

Yes, users can view email individually on separate screen by just double clicking on each email.

Without facing any size restriction problem users can safely open MBOX file of all sizes. Software directly opens all smaller to larger size MBOX files & provides preview of emails with no errors.

Yes, inside the software user can get preview of each email in its original form. Without any modification show MBOX file email with all its details.

Yes, any type MBOX file users can easily open with this tool like- .mbox, .mbx, .mbs, .msf, MBOX file without extensions. Also, MBOX which are created from any supported email client are accessible with this software.

To open MBOX files it doesn’t require any other application or email client. Users can access MBOX files of Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Google Takeout, Entourage, etc. by using this single application.

Yes, this software has graphical interface that is easy to operable by both technical and novice users. All types of users can use this software to open MBOX files without technical knowledge.

MBOX viewer tool is designed for windows users and users can execute this software on any edition of windows O/S. Run and use this tool on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, & below editions.

In addition to MBOX email previewing, perform MBOX file conversion and migration with pro and pro plus edition of MBOX viewer software.

Get the ability to Convert MBOX files into 10+ file formats and migrate MBOX file to different cloud apps, by upgrading to Windows MBOX viewer tool pro and pro plus edition.

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