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Do you want guidance on how to open EMLX files and view emails on Windows-based computers? If yes, then read this article to get an efficient technique to perform this task. In this article, we will explain “How to Open EMLX Files on Windows O/S without Apple Mail?”

EMLX is the file format that helps in storing emails locally. An EMLX file can preserve an email with all relevant information including message, attachment, and metadata (TO, subject, sender, and date).

Apple Mail is the email client that supports and uses EMLX file format to store user’s emails. By default, Apple Mail comes as the primary email client in a MacOS-based machine.

EMLX file type is exclusively used by Apple Mail, hence it becomes difficult for users to open EMLX on a computer running on Windows O/S.

As a result, many users need a solution to open EMLX files on a Windows-based machine.

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Users Reviews

User 1: – I recently received some emails from my colleagues. These emails include various EMLX files as attachments. I want to check what’s inside these EMLX files. But I am unable to do this because I do not have a Mac computer. Please provide me with a solution to open these EMLX files in Windows.

User 2: – I recently switched from Mac to Windows and I also have some emails archived as EMLX files. I want to open these email archives directly on my Windows computer. Is there any solution available to do this?

Directly View/Open EMLX files on Windows PC

To view emails from EMLX files on a Windows-based PC, users should use FreeViewerTools EMLX viewer software. It is a dedicated application designed for this purpose and helps in reading data from EMLX files.

This will allow users to directly access the contents of EMLX files without any email client or MacOS environment. Each email from EMLX files will appear in its original format with all the information. Also, it provides a variety of smart functions to open EMLX files safely.

How to Open EML files with EMLX Viewer Software (Windows)?

In 3 easy steps, open EMLX files and view its internal emails using EMLX Viewer: –

  • Download and install EMLX Viewer: Download and run the exe file of FreeViewerTool EMLX Viewer tool, and install it on your Windows-based computer.
  • Import/Add EMLX file: Launch the EMLX Viewer tool, press the Select EMLX folder button, and add the EMLX files you want to open.
  • View EMLX files: After adding EMLX files/folders, easily select EMLX files and view emails from them directly inside the software.

(Note: – Double-click an EMLX file to view its emails on a separate screen.)

Beneficial Features of EMLX Viewer Software: –

  • Open EMLX files on Windows: – Using the software, users can directly open EMLX files on computers with Windows O/S.
  • Access Multiple EMLX files at once: – In a single process, users can add multiple EMLX files and read emails from them at one time.
  • View Emails with complete details: – The software provides a clear preview of each email from EMLX files. It shows each email with all the relevant information like- message content, attachments, and metadata.
  • No additional software needed: – To open EMLX files, users only need this software. This single tool is sufficient and does not require any other applications or email clients.
  • Woking on all Windows O/S editions: – Users can easily run this software on computers with any version of Windows OS including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc.
  • Convert EMLX to 10+ formats: – Comes with the Pro edition facility to perform EMLX file conversion. Convert EMLX files into different file types like- PST, EML, EMLX, HTML, MHTML, MBOX, PDF, and MSG.
  • Migrate EMLX files to Webmail apps: – Also, available with Pro Plus edition to migrate EMLX files emails to Cloud mail apps. By using it, you can import EMLX files to Gmail, Office365, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail, and many more web-based mail apps.


Opening EMLX files on Windows O/S without Apple Mail is a task that many users want to do. Above we have shown the complete process of doing this. Now, you can easily view and manage EMLX files on your Windows computer, even without Apple Mail, thanks to FreeViewerTools EMLX Viewer software. Try it now.