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Several IMAP-based cloud mail apps are available in the market that users use nowadays. Most users want to switch to Office365 from different IMAP-based mail apps. So, here we are going to share the best solution to Migrate IMAP Email Accounts to Office 365. Let’s start.

At the present time, desktop-based mail clients are losing the market because of web/cloud mail apps. Every user prefers cloud mail apps to conveniently perform emailing tasks from any location and device.

The technology that works behind the web/cloud mail apps is “IMAP” (Internet message access protocol). It is a protocol that uses by cloud mail apps for sharing emails. IMAP-based mail apps allow users to access their email profile data without downloading them locally.

By just opening their email account from web browser users can access all emails from different locations and devices at one time.

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Why switch from IMAP Mail accounts to Office365?

Office365 cloud is also based on IMAP protocol like other IMAP-based mail apps. But users want to switch to this service because of multiple reasons: –

  • Office365 service is offered by the most popular and trusted brand Microsoft.
  • Users get more security features in Office 365 service to handle emailing jobs securely.
  • The user interface of Office365 is also very easily understandable in comparison to other cloud mail apps.
  • Some users also prefer to migrate emails from different IMAP mail apps to Office365 for creating copies of the mail account data.

Advanced method data from IMAP account to Office365 cloud

The best method to migrate data from IMAP account folders to Office365 is SysInspire IMAP Backup and Migration software. This single software can allow users to backup and migrate emails from different IMAP mail apps.

With simple steps, it performs the IMAP email backup and migration job and provides instant results. Users can export single as well as multiple mail folders from IMAP mail to Office 365 account, in a single time.

How to Migrate IMAP Email Accounts to Office 365 Cloud?

Apply these below given steps and quickly migrate data from different IMAP based mail apps to Office365 cloud: –

  • Download and Install SysInspire IMAP Backup and Migration software.
  • Select your IMAP mail apps from the available list of mail apps.
  • Input your IMAP mail account email address, password, port, and hostname.

  • Click Authenticate Login button and log in with your IMAP mail account.
  • After the account login, hit on Next and click on Upload to Cloud.
  • From the next screen, choose Import to Office365 from the export options.
  • Log in with your Office365 account and finally hit on Import.

Apply these steps and Migrate IMAP Email Accounts to Office 365 cloud account.


Many users, want to migrate mail account data from different IMAP-based mail apps to Office365 cloud service. Through this article, we have discussed some of the main reasons, why users want to do this job. Also, to do this job straight-forwardly we have provided the best solution. To migrate IMAP Email accounts to Office365 follow the above-given method by using SysInspire IMAP Backup and Migration software.