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If you are using Outlook and wanted to open the Outlook OST file in outlook 2016 with the best tool, but did not get any best tools, here I have a solution for you. Read this blog here. I suggest some best solutions.


Outlook is a product of Microsoft and this is the best email client compared to others because this software comes with more advanced specifications Outlook, also known as Hotmail, was changed in 2012, outlook was designed for business and it includes Office 365, and an Exchange server, Outlook has created 2 types of file formats such as PST, and OST, the OST has been created with an Exchange server but the PST has been created on a Personal computer. 

Why is Outlook the best Email Client?

Outlook creates 2 types of files. OST or. PST, here we talk about why Outlook is the best email client:- 

  1. Outlook is better than Others because it has a low cost of maintenance.
  2. It consumes less RAM while used. 
  3. It has an Exchange server which is very helpful for the users. 
  4. Easy to configure emails and read emails anywhere any time by using Office 365. 

Overview of OST and PST

OST:- The Outlook OST stands for ( Offline storage table ) files that have been created in Outlook when the users are connected to an exchange server and this file is not to be accessible because of Outlook cookies. 

PST:- The PST stands for ( Personal Storage table ), this file format has been created in Outlook while users are using Outlook for personal use. 

Why are users unable to open OST files in Outlook?

The OST is associated with an IMAP account, and Outlook refuses to open the OST file because if the OST file is encrypted Outlook creates cookies in Outlook for OST files. Outlook provides a unique ID for the users, and when the ID is going to miss match the OST files cannot be accessible. 

How to open OST files for free?

The best solution to open OST files for free, How to open Outlook OST file in Outlook 2016 by the best tool?, has the best techniques to open the OST files. It converts all emails with attachments. 

Features of eSoftTools OST to PST Converter Software

This software has the best conversion feature and this software allows users to convert emails with attachments this software supports all versions of Windows OS.

  1. Bulk conversion:- with the help of this incredible software users can convert OST files in bulk at the same time. 
  1. Email filtration:- This software allows users to convert their specific emails by using the dated feature. 
  1. PST splitting:- users can split their PST files into multiple small sizes, after the conversion of OST files. 
  1. GUI:- This software has the best GUI, technical or non-technical users can use this software. 

Working on OST to PST Converter Software

  1. Download the software.
  1. Install and click on OST files to load.
  1. Click to select and preview the OST files.
  1. Click on select the conversion options and click to select a saving location.
  1. Then click the convert button.

Demo version 

This software provides a demo version to the users to convert 25 items from each folder of OST for free. 

Technical Support:- 

Users can get help by email or live chat 24×7.


I hope this blog helps you to know about “How to open an Outlook OST file in Outlook 2016 using the best tool?”, if you are satisfied, with it. Download eSoftTools OST to PST converter software.